Losing Your Business Information!

Have you ever considered the types of events that can cause you to lose your precious business information? Oh, I know—disasters always happen to the other guy. Or do they?

 At CCS, we have restored information to businesses that have had fires, break-ins, damage from severe weather conditions, power outages, thefts, and user blunders. Sometimes a disgruntled employee will find a way to disable a system to “get even” for a real or imagined injustice. Sometimes just moving equipment around in the office will disrupt the system and cause loss.

 Whatever the cause, the aftermath of one of these disasters can be costly, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking. Obviously, taking precautions in advance can minimize or eliminate loss.

 Backing up you information consistently is Step #1, but it’s not enough just to do backups. Keeping the backup information off site is Step #2. How can information be restored if the backups are kept in the building and the building just burned to the ground?

 If you have questions about backing up your system, we’re the ones to call. Our phone number is 800-672-4806, or email us for more information.

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