Customizing CP-SQL

One of the nice features of (CounterPoint SQL) CP-SQL, is that in most cases it is relatively easy to customize.  Since it is based on SQL, many simple changes can be made without a great deal of difficulty.

Recently, we had a customer running CP-SQL, that had been paying the state sales tax on items that were free to their customers via such things a manufacturer coupons.  Under Washington tax laws, if an item is free to the customer, sales tax must be paid on the normal selling price.  Since their previous software could not be made to do this, the company had been paying the sales tax on these items themselves.

It was a fairly simple change, to have CP-SQL calculate the sales tax on the normal selling price, and add it to the tax that the customer paid.  The reduction in expense that this company realized by passing the tax to the purchaser, as intended by state law, paid for this change within the first week or two that they used it.

That is just one example of how a simple change in CP-SQL, at a small cost, has significantly reduced a company’s expense, saving them several thousand dollars over a years time.

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