Different vendor responsibilities

Many companies will have different vendor responsible for different parts of their computer infrastructure.  They may have one that handles their networking, and another that does their computers themselves.

Usually, it is better to have one vendor handle all aspects of your computer systems.  Integrated or combined services can minimize service times and support costs. 

With a single vendor responsible for all the various parts of your computer network, you always know who to contact if you have an issue.  For example, we have customers who call us with an issue about not receiving email.  If they have chosen to have their email handled by an outside source, instead of in-house, there is usually nothing that we can do to help them.  They need to call the people who are handling their email, to be able to change the settings that need to be modified.  Having a single vendor responsible for all of your computer structure, can reduce the delay and avoid additional costs when you contact the wrong person for the specific issue that you have.  You should always know who to call in a single source environment.

Changes and upgrades can flow much more smoothly, as there is much less time used coordinating.  With multiple vendors scheduling everyone can be huge headache.  The task completion schedule with multiple vendors can be full of delays between steps.  The more complex the problem the longer the total time to resolve it when there are multiple technologies involved.  With a single vendor, the flow is uninterrupted, and the changes are finished more quickly, and usually with fewer problems.

CCS Retail has been committed to an integrated services approach for over 30 years.   Many of our customers have been very pleasantly surprised once they have our support program in place and service times to resolve problems are better.  costs are lower.   An unexpected side-benefit is that we often can resolve long-standing problems with our broader scope and integrated skills teams.
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