Time to Make Changes?

I was watching a game show on television the other day. It required audience participation in answering trivia questions. A question was asked about which came first, Windows, Apple, or DOS. I was surprised that very few people in the playing audience knew what DOS was!

This made me start thinking about how much technology has changed in my lifetime. In the office environment, “ditto” machines have been replaced by copiers and printers. Typewriters have almost disappeared because of computers. Shorthand is no longer used because machines can now record voices. The list goes on and on.

Not only have new machines been invented to replace old ones, but they keep getting smaller and their capacity and functionality is greater. Information is available in a split second, saving time, money, and energy expended. 

CounterPoint POS Software continues to change, also.   New features continue to evolve, making significant improvement to a company’s bottom line.

Are you keeping up with the changes in CounterPoint POS Software that could boost your sales? Call us today for information about how CounterPoint can streamline your business. Whether it’s CustomerConnect, gift cards, inventory control, ECommerce, creating reports, or modifying labels, we have answers to your questions. Our phone number is 800-672-4806 or email us

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