The Value of Newsletters

How do you make your store stand out from all of your competitors in today’s overcrowded retail environment? One way is to create a periodic newsletter not only to alert customers about sales, events, and promotions, but also to educate them about your products.

What makes up a good newsletter? Traditionally, lists of items on sale were primarily used to bring customers back. Today’s newsletters need more content than that to differentiate your product from your competitor’s and create more interest in your store or website.  Consider including the following:

  • News regarding new legislation that would be relevant to the way your business is conducted, such as a change in the way products are taxed, would be appropriate to include. This type of information affects not only the operation of your business, but the pocketbook of the customer as well.
  • Background information on a product to explain why your product is a better buy than your competitor’s product even though it costs more.
  • Information about upcoming events, such as a special day of the week when a new product will be demonstrated, along with availability of discount coupons for the product. 
  • Contests that involve interaction with your customers, like a coloring contest for a children’s store. This increases your customer names for a mailing list as well as bringing more foot traffic into your store.

Whatever you choose to use in your newsletter, keep it brief. Creating a short summary and providing a link to the original article maximizes its effect for your customers. 

CounterPoint’s Customer Connect is an excellent tool to help you target the customers you want to receive your newsletter. Call us for more information at 800-672-4806 or email us.


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