Know where the slowness is in your Internet Connection

I frequently get calls from customers who can not connect to a website, or can connect, but it is very slow.  The user may get a message that they can not connect when they open their web browser.

In most cases, this is an issue with the web site itself, and not your desktop computer, or server.  In the case of the immediate message that you can not connect when you open your browser, it means that your default web page is not responding.  For example, if your default home page is (a very common one), and is not responding, then you will get a can not connect message when you first open your browser.

This does not necessarily mean that your Internet connection is down.  Rather it can simply mean that is down.  Check if you can connect to another site, such as  If you can, then your Internet connection is up.

The same applies to a slow site.  It may be just that one site, for various reasons.  There may be a heavy load, maintenance may be in progress, or a backup process may be active.

Of course, it may be that all Internet access is slow, or you can not connect to any Internet sites.  This means that there is a problem with your Internet connection, or something is happening that is using up your bandwidth.  In this case, prompt attention is needed.  This can be critical as it is one indication that you may be infected virus, or spyware.  Other conditions such as requesting links multiple times or mysterious dropped links are indications or malware.

If you are experiencing any persistent Internet connection problems contact us at CCS Retail Support.

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