Using Gift Cards

I was fortunate during the holidays – I received several gift cards and so did my daughter. We both think it is a joy, especially after the holidays, to have unanticipated money to spend for sale items and for just having fun!

With one gift card, I bought a really nice pair of shoes for half price. With another, I bought a new cross-cut paper shredder. My daughter bought several items of clothing, at after-holiday sales discounts, with her gift cards. Along the way, while shopping, we had a couple of lattes, using another gift card. That evening we went out to dinner at a place that’s usually too pricey and had a wonderful meal. We used still another gift card to pay for that. In every situation, there was absolutely no hassle in using the cards. The only thing we had to watch was how much had been spent on each card.

Giving a gift card is a great way to buy for those whose sizes, tastes, or needs are unknown to you. They can be used as prizes, as rewards for a job well done, or for a birthday present. They also eliminate the need for customers to return gift items that were inappropriate.

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