More Consumer Technology Trends for 2011

In my last blog, five of the top ten Consumer Technology Trends for 2011 from Retail Info Systems News (RIS) were presented. Here are five more that made the list:

  • Group-Manipulated Pricing – Group buying online (also known as mobdeals or groupons) involves a group of friends – or even strangers – who agree to approach a vendor of a product to bargain as a group for a discount on that product. The idea became very popular in 2010 and is expected to become more so in 2011.
  • Mobile Blogging – Blogging via mobile devices is predicted to spike this year as smartphones proliferate and more tablets come on the market.
  • Social Objects – Attaching digital content like videos, links, audio and text to barcodes through applications like Stickybits will allow barcode scanning with your iphone or Android phone. This provides opportunities for brands to better connect with their customers.
  • Reading’s Rebirth – E-readers have lead to an increase in reading, even bringing books to more people in low-literacy countries. New and more prolific readers are expected to be seen this year.
  • Tablets for Tots – Manufacturers will be tailoring tablets for kids in the 6 -12 year age range, focusing on preloaded reading, drawing, gaming and photo-sharing content.

Technology is continuously changing our world. Are you keeping up with what’s new?  Keep reading our blogs for a wealth of information that can change your business!

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