Christmas Countdown – What Now?

Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday. So what now?

This idea is a perennial favorite because it’s been tested and it works! Read the words of one owner who has featured the “12 Days of Christmas for the last several years.

Every year I have a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion at my store. On each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas, I have one featured item on “super sale” for that day only. I make it a good one. Customers come in daily to check and see what’s on sale that day. They usually want to know what’s on sale the next day… but I never tell!”

There are only four simple steps needed for this promotion to work.

1.  Pick your items – pick your percentage.
   – Choose either high-margin items or ones you’ve overstocked.

   – High margins let you give your customers a killer deal and still let you make money.
   – Choosing one really great discounted item per day actually works better than a whole category.

2. Get the word out. 
   – Send a one paragraph email per day to your customers. Use a catchy subject line. Soon they’ll be
      waiting to see what’s coming next.
   – Additional options: Post a deal of the day on your website, your Facebook page or send a tweet.

3. Make the merchandise enticing.
   – Include a picture of the item in your emails and on your Facebook page.

   – Some owners have done short, simple and/or humorous videos: Two examples:
      ~ “13 Days of Halloween” with a different costume each day. Not Christmas, but you get the point.
      ~ Ms Claus offering the “item of the day”.

4. On December 13th,”Stack them high and watch them fly”. 
   – Put a big display table by the front entrance with the first “super sale” item. Include a large eye-
     catching “12 Days of Christmas” sign. (If you’re not artistically inclined, this is a good time to
     get help).

Try creativity coupled with a “deal” and watch what happens. Until next time, think ringing cash registers and happy shoppers.   


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