A Better Way To Ship – Improve This Labor Intensive Task

StarShip – The Super Time-Saver:

If you do much shipping, you know how information intensive it is. You may already use products like UPS’s World Ship or USPS’s Endicia. If you do, you know that it requires entering data that has already been entered in your Financial or Point of Sale software.

Now, you can eliminate that double entry with StarShip. The plug-and-play interfaces provided create an efficient and error-free way to ship orders. Your shipping clerk(s) enter an order number, and StarShip instantly populates the shipping window with information such as ship-to name and address, PO number, insured value, ship via, billing method and COD charges. All of this data is automatically translated by StarShip.It then prints shipping labels, COD tags and manifests.

Freight and shipment detail is written back to your orders in real-time. This integration allows orders to be invoiced immediately after shipping. Advanced shipment notification and reference number tracking features let customers track their own packages – greatly reducing calls asking for the information.

An additional feature offered by StarShip is that it incorporates a multitude of shipping methods into one package: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne Express, Spee-Dee Delivery Service and up to 10 user-defined carriers.

The major products that CCS represents – CounterPoint Point of Sale software and Passport’s Professional Business Solutions (PBS) software interface to StarShip. Contact CCS for more information. This is truly a product you should review.

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