On Facebook, Are You Attracting Customers or Driving Them Away?

Most businesses want to use Facebook or other social media as a way of connecting to current customers, attracting new customers, and sharing their brand with those listening. Is this happening in your business, or are you driving customers away?

 Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media, Inc. addresses this issue in an article for Small Business Trends. She offers five suggestions for keeping customers on Facebook and four factors that might repel them.

 How to Keep Them:

1.      Offer discounts – Make it a unique special offer or discount that they will want to redeem.

2.      Solve their problems – Provide information or answer questions to help them fix something.

3.      Chat with them – Host conversations about community issues to provide that extra connection with you.

4.      Get their feedback – People like to feel that they have a say in the brands they love.

5.      Entertain them – Have a little fun or post a link to something that made you smile.

 How to Drive Them Away:

1.     Disrespect other members – Don’t criticize those who share negative comments or censor uncomplimentary ones.

2.      Post too many messages – Don’t flood your wall with information overload!

3.      Don’t post enough messages – If you never update, people will wonder if you’re still there!

4.      Ignore feedback – If you ask for feedback, you don’t have to act on everything that is suggested, but you do need to give people a sign that you’re listening.

 As social media continues to play an important role in retail sales, keeping up with new information is critical to your business. Check our blogs frequently for more news about evolving trends.

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