Customer connect

There is a new product for Radiant Systems Counterpoint SQL, to help you with your email marketing to your customers, called Customer Connect.

With Customer Connect, your email marketing to your customers is greatly simplified.  A "welcome" campaign comes pre-loaded, which sends a welcome email to your new customers automatically when they are entered into your customer file.  A "we miss you" campaign also comes pre-loaded to send an email to customers that have not purchased from your store in a while.  These are configurable for such things as how long after the last purchase a "we miss you" email is sent, as well as the content and layout of the emails.

The real power of Customer Connect is being able to send out targeted emails, advertising flyers, newsletters, etc., based on customer shopping history, categories, and several other criteria.  Campaigns can be setup to be sent for to all customers, or targeted set of customers.  For example, if you are having a sale on a particular line of products, you can send an email to only your customers who have bought products from that line in the past.  This keeps your customers more interested, because they are receiving information about products that they actually use.  Again, the contents of the emails are fully configurable by you. 

Of great value, is the reporting that is included, so that you can track the results of your email marketing.  You can see how many customers bought that new product you are now carrying, and that you sent out an advertising flyer on, for example.

Additionally, the deliverability of your email is high, as Radiant Systems is working with many of the large Internet service providers, to guarantee that your email is delivered, and not filtered out as junk email.  The ability for your customers to unsubscribe, and other compliance issues is provided, also.  This helps ensure that you actually reach your customers with the information you send.

If you want to increase your sales through email marketing, and stay in contact with you existing customers, then Customer Connect is a very powerful tool to do just that.  Especially for the small business, which does not have a dedicated email marketing group to handle all of the details of generating, sending, and tracking, such emails.

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