Christmas Is Coming – The Shoppers Fill The Mall

It’s almost Thanksgiving and then comes the holiday onslaught. You’re probably prepared by now or well on the way to being there.

So here’s a question. Are you prepared for your Christmas customer?

Keep in mind that your Christmas customer is different from your day-to-day customer. Your regular customer is likely to be someone who knows, understands, enjoys and uses what you sell. Your Christmas customer is a “gift giver” rather than the consumer.

And how do you prepare for the Christmas Customer?

Think display and signage to make the experience super easy for your Christmas Customer to find the type of gift they’re looking for. Put yourself in their shoes. Think like they think.

Here’s what might be going through their heads.

  • “I need a gift for my wife (or husband) – and it had better be a good one.”
  • “I need to get something for my son’s teacher and I only want to spend $10.”
  • “I need a gift for Uncle Joe, but I have no idea what he likes and the family limit is $25.
  • “I want to get a great gift for my teenager. I used to know what she likes but I’m not sure anymore…”
  • “I need a stocking stuffer for Mom.”

Christmas Customers are shopping with a specific problem to solve. Make solutions apparent in you visual merchandising and you will have made a sale.

I know that some of my best Christmas buys happened when I saw something on display and thought “that would be perfect for….”.   Often is was something I hadn’t thought of and wouldn’t have looked for, but the display sold it.

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