The Power of One

Owners of a small to medium sized retail store often wear many hats: salesperson, buyer, bookkeeper, merchandiser, manager, financial planner and on and on.

Everything needs to get done, but how? It’s just like that old joke – How do you eat an elephant? ONE bite at a time.

Trying to focus on too many projects at the same time doesn’t work. Decide on the NUMBER ONE most important project that you can do to improve your business. What’s going to result in the maximum impact? Once you’ve decided on the project, focus your efforts and attention for a day or a week or however long it takes to finish that ONE thing.

If you decide it’s critical to start an email newsletter to increase sales, then work on that project until it’s done. Scattering your attention distracts from giving a quality effort to ANY of the various projects you’re juggling.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do if you focus on that ONE highest priority item before moving on.

Once you have this process working for you, you’ll find that it will work wonders with your staff as well. Have them focus on ONE thing they can do to increase customer satisfaction, which will most certainly result in an increased bottom line. When your staff’s ONE thing becomes a habit, have them move on to their next ONE thing. Before you know it, the "elephant" will be consumed.

Fortunately, if you’re using CounterPoint software, there are many features that will remove the burden of some of these "ONES". A good example is Customer Connect which will create targeted marketing – even a newsletter – and provides feedback to let you know if (and how much) your efforts resulted in increased sales. Let us help you with tools like Customer Connect, SmartAlerts and many others.

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