Using your UNIX/Linux server to store Windows files.

Using Your Servers as a Shared Resource

There are tools available that allow you to seamlessly use your UNIX or Linux server to store your Windows files.  Using your UNIX or Linux server to store your important Windows files makes sense for several reasons. 

  • Typically, your server has larger drives, and thus more space available.  This available space can be used to store your important Windows files, such as spreadsheets, and documents as a byproduct of using them.
  • Another point, is that quite often your server is backed up more frequently than your workstations.  Typically a server is backed up daily, and workstations infrequently, if at all.  By storing your documents on your server, they are then backed up when the server is.
  • UNIX and Linus servers are less likely to be a target for malware programs.  Your data is a bit more secure there.
  • Finally, your documents can be easily shared.  Instead of sending a document back and forth between users, it can be saved to a shared location on the server that is accessible to all users.  That way, one user can open and modify the document, and then another user can later do the same.  This avoids the problem of having different versions of the same document floating around.

Most servers have a version of SAMBA available that supports Windows client interaction with NETBIOS over TCP/ip links.   If you need help setting this up, contact us at CCS Retail Systems

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