About Telephone Answering

In recent blogs, I’ve talked many times about the importance of good customer service. Often this has been about face-to-face interaction with a customer in your place of business. Although it may seem like a rather simple thing, the way that you answer the phone in your business is an important aspect of good customer service, also.

 Remember, first of all, that you don’t know for sure who will be on the other end of the call. It could be one of your best customers or a new hot prospect. Whoever it is, they should be treated with the same respect and friendliness that would be expected if they were physically present in your store.

 When someone calls you, they want to talk with a friendly person, and they want to know that they have reached the right number. It’s important, then, to stop what you’re doing, (people can sense when you’re distracted) smile, and then say something like the following:

 “Good morning, CCS. This is Mary speaking.”

 A pleasantry, like “good morning,” gives the caller a chance to refocus on the call. The caller is probably doing multi-tasking, as you are, and can “drift away” to other issues in the background, just as you can. Mentioning the company name, clearly stated and spoken slowly enough, assures that the right number has been reached. Using your own name, also clearly pronounced, helps the caller build a relationship with you and your store.

 Courtesy is always appreciated, even when there are problems to be resolved. Help build your business by showing this type of courtesy to your customers.

 We welcome your calls at CCS. If you have questions about your CounterPoint POS Software, we will do our best to answer them with courtesy and respect. Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us.


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