Five Email Security Tips

Email security is important to everyone who sends messages over the Internet. Most of us know that it is important to use good passwords that can’t be easily decoded by unscrupulous hackers. Other ways to avoid self-inflicted email security breaches include the following five tips presented by Chad Perrin in an article for TechRepublic

  1. Turn off automated addressing features. It’s very easy to accidentally select from a drop-down list the wrong email address that’s adjacent to the one you actually meant to choose.

  2. Use BCC when sending to multiple recipients. Sharing others’ email addresses with strangers without permission is rude and dangerous. This is what happens when all recipients are shown in the To: or CC: fields.

  3. Save emails only in a safe place. Storing emails in plain text on a machine which other people can access can cause a breech in your email privacy.

  4. Use private accounts for private email.  Email that is shared with the world can get targeted by spammers, often causing your email address to be put on spam blocker blacklists. This can prevent your emails from getting to their intended recipients.

  5. Double-check the recipient, every time – especially on mailing lists. Accidentally sending a reply to the list of recipients rather than to the one person intended can be embarrassing and problematic.

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