It’s never to early to think about the Holiday Season!

So it’s mid August and it’s going to be 90 this weekend!  But it’s not to early to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season.  Have you considered adding a check-out to make sure you keep the lines moving when its busy or another checkout goes down?  With a lot of open retail space out there maybe you can get a good deal on leasing for a temporary store for another location or add a strip mall outlet? 

With the economy still struggling along a small change may make a big difference to help the numbers go up this year.  Remember the adage "spend money to make money".  Do this, of course, with an eye on what your customers are looking for.  There is lots of information on trends to draw from, if you need help here.

We can help you afford these changes with saving on Software and Hardware purchases through the middle of September.  We provide 20% off new software licenses and a great buy on the new Radiant 1515 Touchscreen register.  You can upgrade your CounterPoint v7 to CounterPoint SQL at a discount to get the full benefits of a Microsoft platform.  This can lead to a more secure, responsive system that has much stronger reporting tools.

This is the ideal time to  act and take advantage of our special leasing program/   4.99 APR on software and hardware purchases. Don’t forget the IRS has another Section 179 tax deduction through the end of 2010.  I’ll write more about that next time.

Enjoy the sunshine & think "SNOW".   Making changes can take some time.  We can help you get started and set a schedule that ensures your changes will be in place when you need them.  Let us know how we can help.


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