Need a report? Call us….

CounterPoint SQL has a multitude of reports.  But sometimes they are just a little more or a little less then you need.  You want it to to this but it does that….   Or there is more information than you need.  We can help you out with that.  Our support department writes reports every week for our customers.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of removing some fields and columns, sometimes it adding one or two bits of information.  And usually the cost is not that much considering how much time it will save you getting the information you need in the future.

To get a quote on a custom report, we just need you to email or fax us a mock up of what you want the report to look like.  Take an existing report and mark it up or give us your sample of a new report with column headings.   A short write up of what you are trying to accomplish helps us also.   Once we receive that, we review it and get back to you with an estimate of the cost to create it.  A report that shows you just what you need makes life a whole lot better then sorting through 2 or 3 different reports to get the same information.

We can also design Crystal Reports for you, if you are looking for something "snazzy" to print out.  Over our
28+ years we’ve written almost any kind of report imaginable.

Happy Seafair!

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