Another Customer Service Tale

In previous blogs, I have presented episodes of poor customer service that actually happened to me. Here’s another one for you to ponder.

 The last time I visited a certain grocery outlet store that I often frequent, I was given a coupon for $5 off of my next purchase of $25 or more. “Oh, boy”, I thought to myself. “This is a good one! I’ll make sure to use it on my next visit.”

 A few weeks later, with grocery list in hand, I returned to the store. After collecting the groceries I needed, I realized that I was a little short of the $25 required to use the coupon, so I threw into the basket a couple of additional items.

 When I got to the checkout aisle, I made sure to give the coupon to the checker before she started checking so that it wouldn’t be forgotten. I paid for the groceries, went home, and then checked over the grocery receipt as I put things away.

 Guess what? The $5 coupon had not been applied. Angry that this had been overlooked even though I had done my part by giving the coupon to the cashier up front, I returned to the store with the receipt in hand.

 After calmly explaining the error and asking for the $5 correction, I was told that because the person who had checked me out was not there, the refund could not be given. I asked to talk with the manager, and, of course, the manager was not available. As I left the store, fuming, I wondered whether the “error” had really been an error, or if this was just a ruse to get people into the store. I vowed to take my business elsewhere.

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