Staying Current on your CounterPoint SW

Last week I wrote that the current versions of CounterPoint are now certified to run with Windows 7.     This week  I want to mention some of the reasons it’s important to get your system on the most current release of CounterPoint. 

1.  New Features – each release has great new Features.  As an example SQL 8.3.9 now has BOGO/twofer pricing.  V7.5.18 has the ability to send emails of receipts to Customers and Purchase Orders to Vendors.  

2.  New Operating Systems and Hardware Certification – Windows 7, Window Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 are all now certified with the newest releases of CounterPoint.  New and faster hardware devices as they come out are also tested and certified.

3.  Accounting Interface – if you do a direct interface to an Accounting Package and that Vendor comes out with a new release, the current version of CounterPoint is then programmed and tested to work with that release.

4.  Stay PCI DSS-compliant – this is the credit card worlds way of trying to defeat the hackers out there.  They keep coming out with more rules and regulations for Software Companies that allow processing of credit cards through their systems.  Each release of CounterPoint makes changes to meet these regulations.  

Any finally if you are too many release behind and you decide you want to upgrade, it can take a lot more time.   Some times you can skip over 1 release to get to the most current version,  but if you are 3, 4, 5 or more versions behind, it might require a 2 or 3 step upgrade.  We just recently did an upgrade for a customer who was 10 releases back!   As you can imagine it took  some time to get them current.

We will start moving into the holiday season soon (can that really be true?), now is the time to get CURRENT!   We are here to help you with this transition.  Don’t wait until the last minute..



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