Event Notification

Knowing what is going on with your system, when you are away, can be very important to your business.

There are events such as power outages, receiving an email from your biggest customers, unusually large numbers of returned items,  voided tickets, are things that you want to know about right away. These events, and many more, can be setup to notify you automatically as they occur. 

Most software that monitors your battery backup (UPS), can be configured to send out notifications when the power goes out and when it comes back on.  Incoming email can be checked for various parameters, such as looking for specific senders.  Sales information at your store can be checked for a number of anomalies. The registers not being opened, or a user not clocked in by a set time can be monitored.  If no one opens up a store, you would like to know about it as soon as possible.

these notices are setup to send a message to your cell phone or other digital device.  That way, you will know almost immediately when these things occur, and can respond to them as needed.  You may want CCS Retail to help you identify the tools you have now, or tools you can add, and how to configure them.  This information may save you a lot of downstream problems.  Contact us for help.

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