New Information About U.S. Internet Speeds

Bottom Line Personal newsletter recently reported new statistics from Communications Workers of America regarding average Internet download speeds in the United States.  While the average speed throughout the country is 5.1 megabits per second (mbps), some states have significantly higher or lower speeds.

The fastest download speeds are in the state of Delaware (9.9 mbps) followed by Rhode Island (9.8 mbps).  Wyoming and Idaho (2.6 mbps) and Hawaii (3.0 mbps) have the slowest access speeds.

What causes the differences?  Mainly, it’s the way broadband is deployed by individual telecom companies.  They focus on densely-populated areas where they can get more subscribers.  This causes disparities that hurt consumers and thwart bigger aims for nationwide cohesiveness.

A new strategy is now being developed by the Federal Communications Commission with the appropriation of $7 billion from the Commerce Department to help spur broadband projects.  Until then, if you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions, your Internet speed will be faster.  If you live in the South, in rural areas, or in Hawaii, your Internet speed will be slower.

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