Types of trojan programs

There are basically seven types of Trojan Horse Viruses.

1) Remote access Trojans, referred to as "RAT, allow the attacker to full control over the systems. SubSeven is an example of the type of Trojan. Trojan are usually set up as client / server programs so that the attacker can connect to the infected systems and control it remotely.

2) Data sending Trojans capture and redirect data. Eblaster is an example of this type of Trojan.  These programs can capture keystrokes, passwords, or any other types of information and redirect it to a hidden file or even email it there is a predefined email account.

3) Destructive Trojans are particularly malicious. Hard disk Killer is an example of this type of Trojan.  The sole purpose of these types of programs is to destroy files or wipe out a system.

4) Denial of Service, referred to as "DOS", are designed to cause a system to stop responding, or be unreachable.  They can be designed to knock out a specific service or to bring an entire systems offline.

5) Proxy Trojans work as proxies.  These programs can help a hacker hide and allow him to perform activities from the victims

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