Top 5 Reasons Why Remote Support Benefits You

Anyone who has ever experienced remote hardware/software support knows how convenient it is. Letting a qualified tech access your system to fix a problem is faster and more practical than either an on-site call or being "walked through" a repair over the phone.

5 Benefits Of Remote Support:

It’s Cost Effective. Remote support is clearly less expensive than the on-site alternative. There is no scheduling, no travel time, no minimum on-site charge.

It’s Scalable. Think about taking your car to a dealership for service. If a dozen cars are ahead of yours, you simply have to wait your turn. Likewise – if you only use an in-house support tech you have to wait your turn. In-house support techs – like auto mechanics – are a fixed resource. Meanwhile, companies like CCS can prioritize their techs and switch techs to an area that needs additional help. Techs who are doing remote support are there if a company has a crisis situation that requires an immediate response.

It’s Timely. In the business world, when equipment or software goes down, revenue and profits are lost. Time sensitive, transaction-based businesses like retailers are especially vulnerable to delayed repairs. Remote support will get the up and running in the shortest time.

It’s Extremely Secure. U.S. based remote support is typically the most secure service alternative there is. Reputable providers use highly encrypted Web connections and record the service performed for auditing purposes. They also make it a policy to ensure they hire only technicians with a good background and confirmed qualifications.

It Ensures Broader, Deeper Service. This may be the most powerful reason of all. When an on-site technician arrives to make a repair, the customer is limited to the expertise of that one individual. Remote support, by contrast, allows problems to be routed to a person with training in that area. And if the problem needs to be escalated, it can be done immediately. There’s no waiting until another appointment can be scheduled.

Remember these points the next time your service provider suggests accessing your system remotely.

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