Email Marketing’s Top 2 Tips That Work

                 The #1 and #2 TIPS for Keeping Your Email From Being Deleted Before It’s Read
                             Take the time to think how you can make these tips work for you.

So Simple but So Important: The name that you use in the "From:" field plays a crucial role in a person’s decision about whether to open your email or hit the delete button.  Many emails are deleted because recipients don’t recognize the name of the sender. To avoid this problem, use a name people will recognize.

– The name of your company – From: "Santa Fe Boats"
– The name of a newletter or bulletin you send out – From: "Santa Fe Sailing" 
– A "list" name – From: "Santa Fe Boats’ Frequent Buyer Club"

You may use your own name if it will be instantly recognizable. Don’t use it if it won’t – and certainly don’t assume that it will be recognized.

What’s That You Say? Use the "Subject:" field to list a benefit for the reader. "Free boating class every 3rd Saturday". "Special Sale on Life Jackets for the Family". "Call Our Hotline for the Latest Puget Sound Weather Advisories".

The subject line should tell readers a little about the content of your email and give them a reason to open it. When you write the subject line it should be:  -Interesting to the reader  -Useful  -Fun  -Funny  -Urgent -Pick an adjective….In other words…it should "grab" the reader.
With a recognizable From and a "grabber" Subject Line, count on increasing your email open rates and giving your customers a reason to shop your store. 

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