Rebooting your system

It is good to reboot your system periodically.  Over time, processes can become orphaned, or hung up. Rebooting will clear out orphaned processes, and give ones that have hung up a fresh start.

Be aware of what is running when you reboot, however.  Some processes should be manually stopped first.  In particular, I have seen problems arising from rebooting when Counterpoint SQL is replicating.  If an active replication is occurring, and the server is rebooted, it sometimes causes the two sites that are replicating to become unsynchronized. When that occurs, one site may try to send updates that the other site has already received. The replication stops because duplicate data is detected.

So, before you reboot, if possible, check to see if there are any processes running that you can gracefully exit first.  Then, proceed with rebooting your system.

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