Six Drivers for Growth in Upcoming Years

Last year was a difficult one for growth in businesses.  Can we expect improvement in the years ahead?  In an article for Retail Customer, James Bickers wrote about a speech given by Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco CEO, for the National Retail Federation.  Sir Leahy presented six drivers for growth for the upcoming years.  They are:

  1. Trust – In judging the organization, consumers will be asking, "What has this organization done for me?
  2. Information – In today’s world, there’s no place to hide.  People know more about businesses than ever before.  Transparency as an organization is critical.
  3. Health – People instinctively want to look good and live forever.
  4. Convenience – A big development of shopping on mobile phones is a trend to expect.
  5. Simplicity – Making satisfying decisions has become increasingly difficult.  People want problems solved, not necessarily more products in their lives.
  6. Climate Change – Developed countries will be living on eighty percent less carbon.  The shifting of the whole basis of consumption to non-carbon won’t lessen consumption, but will make it different.

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