Keeping your media

It’s important to keep all of the media, such as CD’s and Reference Manuals, that come with your computer.  These are the operating system disk, and other software disks, that are shipped with your system. As well as any other media that was created at the time your system was staged.  Particularly important, is the disaster recovery media that should be included with a new system.

These need to be clearly marked with which machine they go to with the date, and kept together in a safe location.  Along with these, any license keys and other paperwork for your system, should be kept with them.

If you ever have any type of system failure or any of your software becomes corrupt, then you will be able to bring everything that is needed to rebuild your system to your support techs.

Of course, backing up your system is the final part of being able to recover if anything does go wrong.  If you would like to have an audit of your readiness for disaster recovery, contact us at CCS Retail Support.  This may be an essential part of your system administration.

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