Over the last few years, scareware, or fake security software, has emerged as one of the most profitable strategies for cyber criminals. The instances of scareware have grown at an exponential rate.

Scareware, sometimes called rogueware, is a legitimate looking application that usually pops up during web browsing, when a supposedly compromised web site is accessed.  The pop up usually claims that your computer is infected with viruses, malware, or spyware.  This is an attempt to get you to buy, or install, their software, hence the name scareware.

Once installed, scareware usually prevents your legitimate anti-virus/anti-spyware from operating, or getting any updated signatures.  Removing the scareware is usually a time consuming process, because it will block many system tools, and hide its files.

Since you should already have a good anti-virus, and a good anti-spyware, package installed, do not believe these false ads, and do not install or buy their software.  If you do not have anti-virus and anti-spyware installed, you need to get some ASAP.  Pick a legitimate, highly ranked, company for each of them, and buy or download their branded software.  This will leave you protected, as well as you can be (although no package is perfect). 

To get the most complete protection you may want to have two or more branded software packages to use.  Set one to be you principal active protection, and another to use as a double check. Each package has a slightly different detection system.  It is common for these packages to be bettter at one type of infection detection than another.  Multiple package scans will often detect different infections. 

We use three good, branded systems: AVG, PC Doctor, Super AntiSpyware.  Any of these are a good choice.  AVG has a nice, small footprint and frequent signature updates.  PC Doctor is good at finding unusual infections.  Super AntiSyware is good at finding Trojans nnd Worm infections.

If you need help removing scareware, or evaluating and installing legitimate anti-virus and anti-spyware packages, please call or email.

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