Targeting Local Customers to Increase Holiday Sales

Except for supermarkets, most retailers focus their attention on promoting holiday sales for the Christmas holiday.  In an article in Business Week, John Tozzi suggests that overall sales can be increased if businesses start their promotions prior to Thanksgiving, promoting local shopping, and presenting products in the context of making the home atmosphere cozy and welcoming right now.

Black Friday is traditionally the time that the post-Thanksgiving holiday sprint begins.  Getting customers’ attention before that time, focusing advertising toward preparation for the holidays and not just gift-giving, provides an avenue for increased sales.

Targeting local customers gives an advantage to small local retailers over big box competitors because they can leverage a sense of place and connection to people who live in their community.  Consumers have recently become distrustful of large corporations, so now is the time to capitalize on this by offering authenticity.

Promoting products that emphasize family and togetherness, putting them in the context of how people can use them to improve their home environment for all of the holidays, could very well increase your overall holiday sales.

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