Using Cause Marketing to Increase Sales

Organizing a successful charity event at your store is a great way to increase your sales and elevate your business image.  Whether the cause is for promoting cancer awareness, helping with animal rescue, restocking a food bank, or helping the homeless, the occasion will bring many people into your store.

According to Patricia Norins, founder and publisher of two national trade magazines, Specialty Retail Report and Gift Shop, there are at least three reasons why Cause Marketing will help your business.

  1. It will help you attract the kind of people you would like to do business with.  If, for example, your cause is animal rescue and your business is a pet supply store, the people who will attend the event will likely be pet owners.
  2. It will provide great public relations opportunities.  Sponsoring a food or clothing drive or a marathon to support a local charity displays your interest in community.  An article published in your local newspaper to publicize the event will call attention to your business.
  3. It will provide an additional way of connecting with your customers.  This increases customer loyalty, which leads to increased sales.

Furthermore, Cause Marketing can also provide a tax advantage for both you and your customers for charitable donations.

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