Why CounterPoint SQL?

Why Select CounterPoint SQL?

We have selected two dozen New Retail Customers from some of the CounterPoint SQL (CPSQL) installations occurring across the country this year.  We encourage you to see if there is one of them whose needs parallel yours.  We suspect you will find a profile that is close to yours.  We can provide a system that will give you similar benefits to these new CPSQL customers.   Call us at 800-672-4806 or Email us to discuss how we can start helping you today.

1.  Baseball Retailer:  Antiquated Character-Based POS and Separate eCommerce Replaced.

In addition to the company’s business sectors not integrating with each other, the operation as a whole was disorganized and almost unmanageable . CounterPoint SQL gave the retailer the ability to accurately manage their growing inventory, analyze sales history, determine margins, track preferred customers and automate discounting. The new CounterPoint SQL user will soon add CPOnline, as well as CPGateway, to reap the benefit of a complete software solution.

2.  Hardwood and Flooring Company:  MAS 200 Accounting Software Interface is Key.

The customer was looking for a robust POS to manage their inventory and distribution warehouse, as well as solve their bookkeeping headaches. CounterPoint SQL was able to provide a seamless integration with MAS 200, in addition to handling their multiple locations, which are now running real-time inventory view, accurate reporting, and Purchasing Advice.

The customer also required very unique Quote and Recall customizations. This customization allows any location to look up a quote, preventing a customer from pitting locations against each other.

3.  Meat Processing Company:  CPSQL replaces ECR.  ROI examples provided hard dollar justification.

The customer is currently using ECR software, which lacks the ability to view item level detail, such as category/sub-category information. CounterPoint SQL’s out-of-the-box Inventory management features give this level of detail.  In addition, CounterPoint gives the user additional production management features. As a meat processing company, they produce the majority of the product that they sell, so it is vital they have an understanding of their top selling items, and top varieties of that item.

In addition, the customer’s wild game and meat processing modification gives them the ability to track and take orders, on top of providing all required production reports. Bottom line, CounterPoint SQL streamlined their business operations, and improved business efficiencies by cutting the order time in half, developing legible cutting instructions for the butchers, creating an extensive customer history, and providing a robust user tracking system.

4.  Pet Store:  EZ POS Converted to CPSQL.  CAM Commerce, Profit Line and RMS are Competition.

The current economic climate opened the door to demonstrate the many ways CounterPoint SQL would increase their bottom line, and how these features are imperative in any economy. The leading factor in the selection of CounterPoint SQL was the software’s ability to accurately control inventory from all sides of the business.  Not only did the retailer improve their inventory management process, but they have already seen an ROI with improved customer relationship management.

Finally, the local, personal support and service sealed the deal.  The sale included CounterPoint SQL, P1550 terminals, additional Radiant hardware components, and CPGateway.

5.  Apparel-Swimwear Industry:  CPSQL provides the Systems to Guide their Expansion.

The customer needed to integrate with their manufacturing/distribution system for loading items automatically into the system, and report sales back to their parent company. The customer ultimately selected CounterPoint SQL for its scalability to multiple locations and ability to add a franchise modification.  A strong product that met their needs was as important to them as a strong partner to deliver on the SW promise.

Their IT department was able to work closely with the CounterPoint Reseller to achieve the tight integration with their systems that they needed. A custom Item Feed was developed that receives data from the parent company’s database that can add and update an Inventory’s item, description pricing, and category fields. They are planning to use a CPSQL compatible franchise module as soon as the next franchisee comes on board, which is expected later this summer.

6.  N.Y. Yankees Ballpark:  Legends Hospitality Management selects CPSQL as Top to Integrate with their Systems.

Radiant Systems was selected for the new Yankees stadium by Legends Hospitality Management. The ability to deliver software and hardware for both the retail and concessions in the stadium was the leading factor in the decision. Yankee Stadium  has  implemented the Quest point of sale and venue management solution along with CounterPoint retail POS and inventory management software throughout all retail, premium and concession areas.

CounterPoint SQL was selected for the easy-to-use Touchscreen Ticket Entry, robust inventory control, and the ability to  tailor the software to the specific needs of the Yankee organization. The Yankee Stadium was outfitted with a near complete Radiant retail solution including, CounterPoint SQL, Radiant Hardware and CPGateway for credit card processing, dramatically increasing the speed of service. There are approximately 50 retail kiosks and stores with an estimated 70 stations located in the stadium. Each station is equipped with a Radiant P1520 terminal, a TM-T88 receipt printer, a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and integration tray. Many of the stations also use the 5 inch customer display which is pole-mounted near the terminal.

This complete point of sale solution includes Loaded Ticket technology, which provides fans the opportunity to pre-assign or “load” dollar amounts on their admission ticket for purchasing merchandise, food and beverage from any point of sale in the stadium. With this innovative technology that was accomplished via an integration between CounterPoint and Quest, the Yankees will be best positioned to deliver faster speed of service, higher per cap spending and the ultimate fan experience.

The  Radiant solution coasted through the first exhibition games the first week of April. Several of the stores were open for these pre-season games and for batting practices that were open to the public as well. The big day however, was the first home game as the opening game of the inaugural season against the Cleveland Indians on April 16, 2009. That day, they processed over  $850,000 in orders – 12,000 tickets with over 28,000 lines at Yankee Stadium using CounterPoint SQL.

7.  Apparel Customer:  AS400 Interfaces easily with CPSQL.

CounterPoint SQL’s enhanced reporting capabilities, ability to easily access more information, advanced lookups/view/filters, upgraded grid handling, and overall appearance led the decision to upgrade. However, the controlling benefit was the ability to interface with their AS400 system. CounterPoint SQL gave them the ability to update their CPOnline store nightly with inventory from their AS400 system.

The automation has significantly improved their inventory reporting processes, which now enables the customer to make informed business decisions quicker. This ability alone justified the overall cost of the CounterPoint system.

8.  Investment Planning and Teaching Organization:  Rapid Order Entry, Customer Service, Cost Savings are Keys.

The multi-million dollar corporation conducts nationwide event tours and processes phone and mail order sales for their entire business. Though it was clear that all aspects of their business would benefit from CounterPoint, their event tours ultimately drove the CounterPoint sale.  During the intermissions at any of their sold-out events, there is a significant rush to purchase event materials (books, cd’s, dvd’s, etc.) and to register for future conferences.  The employees needed a solution that would allow them to process orders quickly,  creating more time to spend with attendees.

Pre-CounterPoint, they had to manually fill out order forms and mail back to corporate for order entry and credit card processing. Not only was this process inefficient, but it also posed a significant security risk in dealing with customers’ confidential information, as well as creating a lack in sales visibility.  The customer realized CounterPoint SQL would decrease the amount of time they spent on sales, service and tracking customers by 400%.  If that wasn’t reason enough to purchase the solution, they also would see an annual business savings of $41K just by eliminating the design and printing of paperwork alone!

9.  Health, Beauty and Weight Loss Industry:  CPOnline Integration makes CPSQL a clear Winner.

This retailer was in the market for an ecommerce solution that would allow them to eventually grow into a brick-and-mortar store. Enter CPOnline – the perfect fit.  Using CounterPoint SQL to manage her inventory and CPOnline as the shopping cart solution, the technology puzzle was solved.

With the vision of being first an ecommerce site and second a brick-and-mortar, the design of the company website was of utmost importance. The owner turned to the CPOnline services team for a website Design Package and SEM consultation. The CPOnline Design Package gave the retailer one-on-one sessions with experts that aided the user in designing and launching a unique site. Radiant was able to meet each of their needs as a small, start-up with plans for growth.

The Radiant Solution and CCS Computer Systems beat the competition (Celerant & Suite Spot Commerce) based on the feature rich functionality set and ease of CPOnline coupled with integrated store systems (CounterPoint SQL).  The customer received an end-to-end, scalable technology solution and expert services from a single vendor.

10.  Health Food Store:   Order Dog to CPSQL Conversion.

The ROI from the TOTAL SOLUTION paid for the system within a year.

The customer knew they had to purchase a new POS solution now as their financial reporting and operating inefficiencies required an immediate fix. Inventory was in a crisis mode with their existing system, Order Dog, due to significant errors and a lack of support. This was causing a great deal of pain in providing accurate financial statements to the financial institution for lending purposes.

Additional pain points were significant system down times especially at the point of sale. They saw that CounterPoint’s diverse scope of reporting capabilities would enable them to make better inventory and operating decisions. Furthermore, the customer became very confident that CPSQL support for the product and their IT needs was excellent. A bridge from Order Dog to CounterPoint SQL was built to solve their immediate challenges.

In addition, the Radiant Payment Services team demonstrated to the customer how RPS (Radiant Payment Services) will save the business $18,000 in merchant card processing fees annually from what they currently are being charged. CPSQL presented a lease payment to the customer that was less than the savings they would see on the RPS savings alone.

11.  Food Industry Greek Burger Restaurants:  CPSQL provided the Tools to Eliminate Distribution Costs.

The customer was in search of a solution that could not only track inventory for their food distribution services and Mediterranean market, but could also handle both their wholesale and retail businesses. Inventory control is the backbone of CounterPoint. The customer can easily maintain optimum inventory levels, control costs and track movement for both wholesale and retail.

In addition to product features, the customer placed a premium on purchasing a solution that was user friendly, so training employees was quick and effortless. Again, CounterPoint SQL was the obvious choice for its configurable touch screen, menu and buttons, as well as zooms and look-ups to quickly find item details. With the large volume of product coming in and out of his doors, CounterPoint was the ideal solution to ultimately maximize valuable management information and increase profitability while also being easy to use and set-up.

12.  CounterPoint V7 Customer:  CPSQL Upgrade paves the way to Tighter Inventory Control.

The manufacturing side of the business was in need of tighter inventory control which their current proprietary system did not provide. They made the decision to switch to CounterPoint based on the solution’s ability to accurately track and manage inventory, cut down unnecessary costs and increase efficiencies. The CounterPoint solution provided the customer with enhanced reporting to help them make informed decisions to improve their bottom line.

CounterPoint Inventory Reporting provides details such as the overall value and status of inventory, as well as inventory’s impact to P&L. In the end, relationship, service, and ROI based on inventory control functionality closed this deal.

13.  Fabrics Retailer:  CPSQL replaces RetailPro, flexibility, rich feature-set, Integrated CPOnline are Keys.

One of the customer’s unique requirements was the ability to allow their clients and designers to simultaneously shop in different departments on different floors throughout the store, yet pay on a single ticket when they were ready to check out. CounterPoint’s flexibility and rich feature set, including integrated on-line stores with CPOnline, provided a solid base.

A unique modification allows the customer’s staff to create a separate order for each department as their clients roam the store.  Then, at the time of checkout, the individual orders are easily retrieved at the POS register and merged into a single transaction. Future plans for the retailer include the addition of retail operations in Los Angeles and Europe, multiple warehouse locations and the integration of the company’s online sales through CPOnline.

14.  Liquor Store:  Integrated Products and Services are Key.

The Radiant one-stop-shop solution is what ultimately appealed to the customer and prompted him to select CounterPoint SQL.  He liked the convenience of purchasing his software, hardware, credit-card processing and gift card solution through a single, reputable provider.  In addition, a local presence and excellent references further solidified their decision.

15.  Swimwear Retailer:  CPSQL reduces Operating Costs.

The customer recognized that automating both the front and back-end would create significant efficiencies and reduce costs in their business. The customer decided to purchase now to immediately begin capitalizing on CounterPoint SQL’s rapid return on their investment and have better control of their growing business.

Several key components of the Radiant Retail solution that increased the ROI included embedded customer loyalty, tight inventory control, integrated accounting and robust reporting capabilities. In the end, the features, overall quality, reliability, and scalability of the CounterPoint SQL system far outweighed the cost and drove the final decision to purchase.

16.  Manufacturer of Brand Name Power Tools and Vacuums:  ROI is the Key.

The customer was originally considering Microsoft RMS but determined CPSQL was a far better fit for their growing organization because of CounterPoint’s superior inventory management, touch screen configuration and scalability. CounterPoint SQL’s ease of use and robust features were key.

Another critical factor in closing the deal was the ability to quickly implement the solution allowing the customer to immediately begin taking advantage of the benefits and meet their “Go Live” deadline. In the end, the ROI of CPSQL to their overall business blew them away and sealed the deal.

17. Garden Center:  Ease of Customization is Key.

The Garden Center needed their software structure to grow with them and not weed them out. CPSQL was able to secure the deal, with customizations to focus on maintaining their reputation as one of North Jersey’s largest green industry leaders. Molding this software with explicit detail, and ensuring a smooth transition, CPSQL blew away the competition by educating the client on new aspects of this unique business utility.

18.  Wholesale Company:    Handling both Wholesale and POS is Key.

When the customer decided to acquire his own wholesale company, he needed a more up-to-date solution and considered CounterPoint to run his business based on his previous experience with its functionality and stability. CPSQL was able to write a few customizations for the ticket entry screen easily and add the Basic Accounting option for a fully integrated solution.

CPSQL won out over Microsoft RMS and QuickBooks POS because of superior functionality in handling both the wholesale and point-of-sale aspects of the new business.

19.  Large Retail Garden Center:   CPWireless features are Key.

The CPSQl custom wireless application was the key to the handling of multi-location transfers and line busting during the height of the green season. The features of CPOnline were also demonstrated to illustrate the full featured nature of the CounterPoint solutions. The client was pleased with the fact that they could use one of several accounting systems.

CPSQL experience and knowledge in this area added to the customer’s comfort level.  CPSQ’s ability to bring the system online by Spring was also a key factor in winning the sale. Understanding the industry, teamwork, and persistence were the keys to winning this sale.

20.  Truck Accessory Store:  Custom Interfaces and Strong References are Key.

They were using an outdated system provided by one of their auto aftermarket accessories distributors and were in need of a change. The customer has 2 locations and wanted better control of how items were ordered from their distributor where they purchase 90% of their products. With the help of KeyParts, a direct interface which was developed, an easy and seamless interface was provided to allow the capability of ordering products from Keystone through CounterPoint ticket entry.

As a way to finalize the deal, the owner and his wife flew out to one of the existing CPSQL customer locations. This meeting helped to seal the deal.

21.  High-end Wine Retailer:  Ease of Customization is the Key.

The wine retailer was looking for a company with a local presence and was eager to speak with other package store references. CPSQL provided them with a demonstration of the interfaces and customizations they had built.  The customizations provide the ability to import the state-controlled Product Price Update and custom reports that allow the customer to easily see exactly what prices have changed.  Reporting shows how much they need to adjust their retail price to keep margins in line.

Key was the ability to utilize the CPSQL 10 user definable fields to completely cross reference their wine selection by everything from red to white, year, region, grape type, vineyard, awards won, etc. Additional special reports will be written so the staff can quickly access the wine selection for customers with very specific selection criteria.

22.  Nursery:  Inventory Control and References are Key.

The nursery needed better control of their inventory and receivables as well as more efficient checkouts.  CPSQL was able to demonstrate that CounterPoint, along with RTM ServicePoint for the nursery’s landscaping service, met their list of requirements. CPSQL was also able to produce solid industry references.

23.  Wholesale Distributor:   CounterPoint V7 to CPSQL Upgrade.

They were looking to upgrade to a 21st century product that provided greater flexibility, improved database access, and a more user friendly environment. The customer had been using CounterPoint V7 and RealWorld V8 since 1998.  They recently called to inquire about data extracts.

The client was incredibly impressed with the capabilities of CounterPoint SQL and, most importantly, the ability to move all of their existing CounterPoint data and sales history. They chose to continue the 10 + year relationship and move to CounterPoint SQL.

24.  Apparel Retailer:   CPSQL selected over RetailPro.

The apparel customer currently operates approximately 7 kiosks and recently added their first full size apparel store inside a busy mall. The customer began researching local vendors.. The customer was considering RetailPro because his close friends were using RetailPro V8 and have been happy with the performance.

In the end, CPSQL was victorious due to several key differentiators: Radiant Systems is a strong financial company with 20+ years of industry experience, the availability of local support, and the high CPSQL ROI.

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