Performance tuning

Just about every computer can benefit from performance tuning.  This is because as the operating system is installed out-of-the-box, it is installed with a generic tuning setup.  As every computer is used in a different way.  Tuning for the way that a particular computer is used will increase performance.

Tuning involves monitoring the computer over a period of time, and evaluating what is limiting the speed (or what the bottleneck is) for the way it is being used.  Then, that bottleneck is evaluated, to see if performance can be improved.  It may be possible to improve performance by adjusting the operating system parameters, or adding additional hardware (such as more memory).  With enough knowledge the start-up programs and operating system services running can be pruned to reduce the unnecessary system load.

If the bottleneck can be improved, the process is repeated, as the bottleneck will probably move to a different component.  These are addressed in turn, until it is determined that more evaluation and tuning will not be productive.

This process calls for specialized tools, and knowledge.  This is the kind of knowledge that we have at CCS.  We have the tools to be able to do this type of in-depth analysis of your system.

So, if you would like better performance, with the hardware you already have, contact us.

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