Internet connectivity

If your business is like most businesses, you need Internet connectivity.  You need to connect to your vendors, customers, and credit card processors via the Internet, for maximum productivity.  For example, dial-up based credit card processing can take a minute or more.  Processing via the Internet can take as little as one second.

What is the "best" Internet connection?  DSL, ATM, cable, or T1?  That depends on your individual circumstances.  Speed and reliability vary among the different types of Internet connections, as does the price.  T1 for example, has good speed, high reliability, but does cost more.  However, the additional cost may be warranted, if you need a high reliability circuit.  For example, if trouble does occur on your line, it will be addressed much more quickly if you have a T1, than if you have DSL.

Your physical location may have an impact on what choices are available to you, also.  In order to use DSL, you need to be within a maximum of 18,000 feet of the switch used by your telephone company, although other factors may reduce this distance considerably.  If no cable carrier is available at your location, then obviously cable is not an option.  These are just a couple of examples, and there may be many more limitations.

With all of the options, getting the best return for your money on your Internet connection takes a lot of knowledge.  We have the knowledge needed to narrow the choices to what will best serve you. We can help you decide based on the available choices and what you need your Internet connection to do.  Contact us before making the final decision.

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