Creating Silent Sellers

Attracting new customers, and keeping the customers you already have, is always important to your business. This is especially so during tough economic times. The recent Radiant CounterPoint Users’ Conference addressed this issue and presented some strategies to help with this challenge.

One of the strategies was to entice people to shop with you by creating “Silent Sellers.”  Silent Sellers draw attention to the store, or to the product, by creating curiosity or interest.  A window display that involves motion, samples that appeal to one of the five senses, or something offered as a “freebie” if you come in, are  Silent Sellers that really work.  As an example, research shows when shoppers smell cookies, 67% make an unplanned purchase.

I noticed recently in my neighborhood, that a store was using a clown with a sign to attract attention in front of a store. Further down the street, a bank was offering free document shredding to customers for a limited time period.  Later, I found that a fast-food chain was giving out coupons for a free latte to advertise a new product. Business was brisk in all places!

With CounterPoint POS Software, we can help you retain the customers you work so hard to attract and keep. Check out the CounterPoint Loyalty Program with our Support Department for more help with this topic. Call us at (800) 672-4806 today or email us!

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