Performance tuning

In order to get the best performance out of your system, you need to tune it.  Operating systems like Windows and UNIX, as they are installed out of the box, are configured as a "best guess" of what the user wants.  The same holds true for many software packages.

Since every installation is different, with different demands on the computer systems, performance tuning usually leads to a faster, more responsive system.  A system that is used primarily in batch mode, for example, performs best when tuned much different that a system that is used interactively.

Proper tuning involves evaluating the running software, the usage patterns, and determining how to allocate the resources.  In some cases software that is being loaded, is not needed.  In others, giving more resources, such as CPU time or disk access, is the key. 

Tuning to get the best performance is a highly technical process, and requires a thorough knowledge of the computer, operating system, and software packages.  If you would like to explore increasing the performance of your computer systems, give us a call to schedule and evaluation.


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