How CounterPoint SQL Provides a Return on Investment


If your Point of Sale & Inventory Control System does not provide a return on investment, it is little more than a glorified cash register. CounterPoint SQL does provide significant ROI in a number of ways:

The Inventory Control portion of the software (the backbone of the system) will allow you to increase revenue and decrease the amount of inventory you keep on hand. These benefits alone can add over 6% to your annual sales totals. The Purchasing features in the software (Merchandise Analysis Report, automatic re-order points and auto-PO generation can greatly reduce personnel expenses. Shrinkage Reduction will conservatively save you another 2% of annual sales. The built-in Gift Card program can add 2%-6% to your bottom line every year! Vendor Management can provide significant return (4% on average). CP Online represents unlimited growth potential for your business (over 7% for most).

We haven’t even mentioned Customer Retention, Loyalty Programs; Credit Card Processing, Customer Display, Time-of-Day Analysis, and more!! I would love the opportunity to sit down with you, and show you what benefits a system can offer your business. I’ll even use your numbers instead of mine to show you how soon you will see a return if you install or upgrade to CounterPoint SQL. Give me a call or email today to schedule a time!

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