NRO Version 1.8 Full Features/Enhancement List

NRO (NCR Retail Online) V1.8 was released in January of 2015.  The Full List of new features
and enhancements are:

New and Sale options are now available in layered navigation, allowing shoppers to filter  by New/Sale products.

  • Options can be enabled under System / Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Layered Navigation (Specials Filter Enabled & New Filter Enabled).
  • Ability to disallow purchase of specific items.
  • Global default of “In-Store Exclusive” can be changed under System / Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Disable Purchase.
  • Individual products can be disabled for purchase in the new Disable Purchase tab in the Product Editor (under Catalog / Manage Products).
  • Option to allow Counterpoint A/R customers to pay via A/R Charge in NRO.
  • Support for product schema and Google Rich Snippets.
  • New option theme to display images with grouped product children on the product detail  page (System / Configuration > NCR Retail Online > Theme Settings > Product Options > Display Images for Grouped Products)
  • Previously, up to 2 related items were uploaded for each product, from the substitute items defined for each product in Counterpoint.
  • Now, you have a choice on whether to upload related items from Counterpoint, or maintain related items from within the NRO Admin Panel (System / Configuration > NCR Retail Online > NCR Importer Configuration).
  • Layered navigation filters now take into account the stock status for configurable product options
  • *Option to enforce a phone number mask for all shopper phone numbers (System / Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > Phone Number Options)
  • You can now select whether ‘More View’ in the image gallery for configurable products appears above or below the attribute-specific image (System / Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Gallery Options > Location of “More Views” Block)
  • New option to pre-select the first color displayed in the product image gallery for configurable products that vary by color (System / Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Configurable Item Options > Auto-select First Attribute)
  • New categories uploaded from Counterpoint now have ‘Use Parent Category Settings’ set to Yes by default
  • Image swapping for configurable products has been improved to account for special characters and varying case in attributes values
  • Saint Marten and Curacao have been added to the list of countries
  • Description is no longer a required product attribute
  • Unknown region/states entered by shopper now download to Counterpoint as INT, to avoid import errors
  • With the help of paid Professional Services, you can now upload product tax classes from Counterpoint tax categories, allowing you to support product-specific taxation rates
  • With the help of paid Professional Services, you can now control the visibility of specific items  (for example, allow all products to appear in the catalog, but suppress clearance items from appearing  in search results).

If you would like more information regarding setting-up your own NRO store, please contact  the
CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

– John

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