Ideas to Increase Valentine’s Day Sales

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and I’m sure you’re thinking of ways to make this a profitable holiday. With that in minds, here are some wonderful tips from WhizBang! to help you make that happen!
Consider giving 20% off all red and pink merchandise. To advertise this, post pictures of some of the on-sale items in your newsletters and on social media sites. A simple, but fun, promotion like this could be used in boutiques, jewelry stores, women’s accessories stores, cosmetic stores, gift stores, candy shops, and even some other types of stores like outdoor outfitters or golf shops.
Offer a bounce back coupon for a free single rose in March with the purchase of a dozen roses now. The unexpected single rose in March will make the giver look like a romantic hero to the receiver!
Create a “Romance Bundle”. Be creative with your merchandise by putting together bundles like a trio of romance novels, scented candles and body lotion in a pretty box, or ingredients for a romantic dinner for two coupled with a bottle of wine and presented in a basket 
Create a unique bouquet. This is for the men! Create a bouquet of things like cigars, tools, golf items, grilling tools, or fishing lure. Use blue hearts on the packaging instead of pink.
How do you target your advertising to those most likely to buy? One of the best ways is to utilize NCR’s Counterpoint CustomerConnect. This great feature allows you to keep track of your customers’ purchases so that you can easily see what’s selling, to whom, and how often. It also lets you have better control of your inventory so you can re-stock in a timely manner.
Gear up for this next holiday sales event by using this helpful feature of Counterpoint. For more information, call us today at 800/425-672-4806 or email us. Look for my next blog for more hints for increasing your Valentine’s Day sales.

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