NCR Customer Connect v2.14

NCR Customer Connect v2.14

NCR Customer Connect v2.14 was released on November 5, and includes the following new features:

  • Confirmed Opt-In – This feature assists in addressing the Canadian Anti – Spam Law  (CASL) requirements. Enabling this feature requires all new subscribers to confirm their  subscription before they are added to the merchants mailing list. It also gives merchants  the ability to reach out to their current contacts (already subscribed) so they can ask  them to confirm their subscription as well.
  • Active Emails Column Added – A new Active Emails column was added to Campaign:  Step 1 to provide easy view of whether an email is scheduled without having to navigate through all Campaign steps. Active Emails displays the number of emails, associated to the  campaign, that are currently scheduled for delivery.  Campaign Step 2 also includes a green check mark next to the emails
     that are scheduled. 
  • Webpage View – When recipients view the email via a web browser, the url in the  browser tab will now display the email subject line on the browser tab, instead of NCR  Customer Connect.

If you would like some more information on Customer Connect, please contact the CCS Retail Systems  Sales department.

– John

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