Are You Procastinating About Your POS Software?

Where Are the “Glitches” 

Many of us are busy around the clock in retail, and just the thought of going through the process of making changes is a daunting thing. Many changes, however, can save you time, effort, and most of all—money!
What have you noticed in your business recently that you’d like to have fixed? Is your inventory always off? Do you lack on-the-spot information about your products and add-on’s that would increase your sales? Are you able to keep track of your customers and know who’s buying, what they’re buying, and when they’re buying? Would you like to be able to sell anywhere in or about your store? Would you like to have a frequent buyer program? Can you offer your customers incentives to buy through a rewards program? Can you offer your customers gift cards?
I’m sure you can list many other things that you just haven’t gotten around to correcting, but maybe now is the time, ahead of the important holidays. NCR’s Counterpoint POS Software can help you with all of the above, with features like CustomerConnect, CPMobile, and a host of other features that will eliminate many of the headaches associated with retail sales.
Take a little time today to give us a call at 800/425-672-4806 or email us to find out information about Counterpoint that will help you prepare in advance for a very profitable holiday season. Stop procrastinating—do it now!

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