Windows 8.1 Security Enhancements

Windows 8.1 Security Enhancements

Windows 8.1 adds some new security features that add some real value to businesses, here is just a partial list of the features…

Device Encryption – using BitLocker encryption technology, encryption of devices, storage containers, sub-containers, and Skydrive is supported.

Direct, Native support for fingerprint readers – Drivers for most common biometric fingerprint readers will come pre-installed with the operating system.  This will eliminate the need to rely on third party drivers, and allow you to use the devices throughout the operating system.

Remote business data removal – Partial wipes of personal laptop or devices is allowed. This is important for corporate situations where BYOD is common.  MIS personnel can schedule the deletion of specific data on a PC whenever it checks in with a particular server.  This is especially important if your business has a lot of attrition.

Support for a wider range of VPN clients – This includes third party app’s that allow users to initiate VPN sessions to multiple networks using differing clients. In earlier versions of Windows, often, installing or removing a VPN client could trash all of the other pre-existing VPN clients that were installed, and it would
require extensive recovery time.

Windows Defender – Adds network behavior monitoring so that software can detect and stop the execution of known malware, and detect software that is behaving suspiciously. 

Internet Explorer 11 – Improved Security – Default enablement of EPM (Advanced Protected Mode), Improved software tie-in’s for trapping malware programs.

As of this blog posting, the final Windows 8.1 release date is likely to be sometime in September or October 2013, as the OS will be released to manufacturers to install on new PCs in August.

If you would like more information on Windows 8.1, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

– John

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