Automating End of Day Procedures

Automating End of Day Procedures

Sometimes relying on new staff members to properly execute daily closing procedures can be a hit or miss proposition, especially if you have a high turnover rate. 

In the past, I have seen situations were users have failed to settle Credit Card transactions for periods as long as (3) three weeks.  Not only can this kind of situation cause cash flow problems, it can be very expensive,
especially if any of the transactions fail to settle due to issues with the  card holders account, or because the processor rejected the transaction do to it being outside of their required settlement time frame.

If Sales are not posted on timely basis, it could affect stocking, purchasing, and other managerial decisions.

Often, In these kinds of situations, there is no one doing follow-up, and no notification given to management that there is any open issue at play. A feature in CounterPoint SQL now allows the ability to schedule automated Credit Card Batch Settlement and End of Day Sales Posting.

The System Configuration Utility gives you the capability to schedule both Credit Card Settlements and POS End of Day posting during off hours when is more convenient, such as when all users are off the system, and/or after a backup has been made.

You can set-up a single schedule per Store or for all Drawers per day, or you could have separate schedules set for individual Drawers at a location.

As an example:

If Drawer #1 was always used by the morning shift, and it was normally closed down for rest of the day, say by 1:30 PM, you could create both a Credit Card Settlement and End of Day posting operation around this event.

Some of the other features include:

  • Posting Drawers that have a specific status, such as "Active", "Counted", or "Reconciled:
  • The ability to send process status notifications to multiple email addresses.

If you would like more information on this or desire to have these tasks scheduled, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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