What? Layaways? YES!!!! 

A returning trend over the last couple of years has been the use of layaways for customers. The once popular payment method lost its usefulness in the 1980’s & 90’s when credit cards became the most popular way to pay.

Move forward to 2008 and the economic downturn.  Large retailers saw layaways once again as a way to help their customers, and keep their sales numbers up. Per the NRF, Sears and Kmart have had success with the return to a layaway program. And this year Walmart is making a big advertising push for layaways. If you haven’t seen their ads yet, you soon will. They are on TV about every 5 minutes .At least on the channels I watch. And I’m a pretty typical consumer.

So the good news for CounterPoint users is that layaways are built into your software. Just a couple setup steps and you are ready to go. Hang a sign up, stuff a flyer in your bags, send out an email (hmmm maybe I need to sign up for Customer Connect) and let your Facebook or Twitter fans know that they can buy from you and make payments. This is a good way to get them committed to a purchase, so that don’t keep looking. The budget-minded shopper will really appreciate this and you might get a customer for life!

So Halloween is over and crunch time is almost here.   What can you do to get more sales this year?   Maybe layaways is an option you are missing.

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