Limiting the opportunity for employee theft in your POS System

Limiting the opportunity for employee theft in your POS System.

In the rush to implement new Point of Sale systems, the idea of starting off with well defined POS Software Security policies is sometimes overlooked.  Often, we find situations were all users have unlimited system access and little or no security restrictions.

Typically, in most Point of Sale Systems, computer security falls into the following areas: 

  • Operating System – Do users have the needed permission levels, or is this level set too high?

  • Network/Internet –  Do users need Internet access for any reason?  If so, is it properly restricted?

  • POS User Level – Do individual users or groups of users have the proper permission levels?  Are they allowed to do things that only a manager or administrator should be doing?

  • POS System Security Level – Do users have menu access to functions that they should not be using, such as "Gift Certificate Maintenance" or "Store Credit Maintenance"?

  • POS Security Level – Does the users current POS security level allow them to do managerial or administrative related tasks that you might not want them to be doing, such as Voiding Lines; Voiding Tickets; doing Price Overrides;  doing "No Sales", or doing Returns?

  • Paycode Level – Do your POS Paycodes have the appropriate "Maximum Tender" and "Maximum Over-tender" settings in place?   If these are not set properly the system could allow users to give back change in excess of the amount tendered.

If you are unsure about the above issues and settings, or the ramifications of making such changes, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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