Strange But Fixable Problem

Do you have a Vista PC or Laptop that uses a wireless connection?  Have you experienced strange behavior of the router "cycling" the wireless connection on and off (Wired connections are unaffected).  Hope you did not buy a new router to fix the problem.

Although I have not been able to pin down the actual cause, the fix is free and available from the maker of your router – not Microsoft or a Vista hotfix or patch.  Depending on your wireless router, you may only need to update the firmware (embedded in the router that makes it do what it does), or the software .

If you did buy a new router and the problem got fixed, is most likely because your new router already had the firmware update installed.  So if the old router is still around, you may be able to use it else where.

There are several other causes for intermittent wireless router connection problems.  We have just highlighted one in this article.

If you need help updating the firmware of your router, or have general system questions.  Call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department at 800-672-4806 or email_us.

-Bryan alt

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