Scammers Use Rogue Disk Defraggers in Fresh Trick

Security researchers from GFI Sunbelt warn that fake software programs for disk de-fragmentation are circulating online.

These programs display false alerts based on which users are directed to buy them so they can repair the supposed problems on their systems.

Further, these rogue de-fragmentation applications commonly offer end-users solutions for disk faults apparently affecting their PCs. They’re named differently such as HDDRepair, HDDDiagnostic, HDDPlus and HDDRescue, while they’re designed to perplex users via evading real anti-malware programs. Reportedly, it was in November 2010 that the defragger copies first appeared when they were called WinHDD, ScanDisk and UltraDefragger that posed as scrutinizing for HDD write/read faults.

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