Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Although holiday sales are up this year from last year’s figures, many of us are still carefully budgeting for our seasonal purchases. If you are trying to stretch the dollars for this holiday season, Dan Butler of the National Retail Federation has five shopping tips that will help you. 

  1. Spread out your holiday purchases throughout the year if possible, but at least through the holiday season. Last minute shopping when you are rushed and frenzied often results in bad choices, many of which are expensive.

  2. Before visiting any store or website, plan ahead by listing everyone you need to buy for and how much you plan to spend. Then stick to the list!

  3. Sign up to receive emails from your favorite retailers. Many promotional holiday sales are offered only to loyal customers!

  4. Compare prices and products on the Internet before you set foot in a store. You will save time and gas by doing this.

  5. Buy gift cards, especially for smaller value gift recipients, such as babysitters and newspaper carriers. Recipients can choose what they want, and you are better able to stick with the budget! 

CCS can help you reach your customers and keep them informed of your holiday offerings and sales.  CounterPoint features such as Customer Connect make it easy for you to identify your loyal customers so that promotional emails may be sent to them for the holidays. Using this valuable tool will help you increase your sales while helping your customers stay on their budget! For more information, call us at 425-672-4806 or email us.

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