Leveraging Your Marketing Opportunities

Spending the time to ask the right questions about your marketing efforts will go a long way towards making sure you have your bases covered and that you are not missing any obvious opportunities for increasing your sales.

But just as importantly, when you (and your staff) are proactive in thinking how to make the most from an event, you increase the chances of having what we call an "Ah-ha Moment".

Here’s an example of one store owner’s "Ah-ha Moment".

The owner of a sewing dealership was moving her store and she had a big clearance sale that lasted several weeks before the move.

It was a "Dutch Auction" sale where every day, the percent off increased by one. So if you took 16% off your entire purchase on Monday, you could take 17% off your entire purchase on Tuesday, 18% on Wednesday and so on.

But to get more people into her store earlier in the sale and to create a buzz, she gave an additional discount to people who carpooled to the sale – an additional 1% for every person in the pool. So if it was a 13% day and you pulled up in a van of 9 shoppers, your discount now became 22%!

The owner reported that this created a shopping frenzy with customers carpooling from all over the area. More shoppers – more sales – more fun! One little change produced big results. An awesome "Ah-ha Moment!

So do some brainstorming. Think about what you can do. Make it creative, unique and fun – something that will make shoppers want to come to your store. What a fun way to increase the bottom line.

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